LOL! Watch Ylona Garcia, Janina Vela, and Jaz Reyes exchange funny hair stories during their online bonding session

The three got together last week as part of Sunsilk's #HairkadaHangout live session.
Aug 11, 2020

If you're a member of Team Ylona, chances are you're curious to know how Ylona Garcia's been spending her downtime in the last few months. During her Sunsilk #HairkadaHangout session with Jaz Reyes and Janina Vela on #LazLive last month, the young actress and singer finally gave everyone an update on what she's been up to.

"I've just been doing the usual, you know, definitely taking a lot of showers," Ylona points out. "I'm also doing yoga, attending school online, and catching up with people."

She adds: "There was a time when I was just on hiatus with everything. I wasn't online and wouldn't talk to anybody. But now, the new normal is us just texting or Facetiming each other. It's been fun but nakaka-miss naman yung being around your friends."

After a round of kamustahan and kwentuhan, the three went on to exchange funny hair stories during a game of "Never Have I Ever." According to Ylona, she once almost cried after being forced to wear a pixie cut as a child.

"I had shoulder-length hair as a child, and my older brother and sister wanted to play hairdresser," she recalls. "Long story short, I ended up with long and short strands all over my head. I almost had a bald spot! So my mom had to take me to an actual hairdresser and they gave me a pixie cut. But eventually, I was like, 'Okay, let's go with it!', so it was fine."

Jaz also admits having her own hair horror story from a few years ago. "I had a haircut that was just too short, and I couldn't do anything to style it anymore so I just stuck with it," she shares. "I shed a little bit of tear, but not right away kasi nakakahiya—I didn't want to cry in front of the hairdresser. Umiyak na lang ako when I got in the car. But it started to look better after a week or two."

Janina, on the other hand, got plenty of laughs from her girlfriends after admitting that she barely brushes her hair. "Because of Sunsilk, my hair is smooth and manageable as it is so parang hindi na siya masyadong kailangan," she explains.

A few other things we learned about the girls during their online bonding session: Ylona sometimes uses Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable as cologne (she dabs a small portion on her neck before going out!); Jaz loves performing in the shower; and Janina is an expert at cutting and coloring her own hair. Click on the video below to watch the whole thing:

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